Featuring Top Industry Professionals in Photography, Hair, Make-up and Wardrobe Styling.

Learn the values of collaboration and see how effectively you can work as a team by getting a hands-on, deeper understanding of the roles of your team members during a photoshoot.
Our workshop will provide you an insight to what happens behind the scenes from the conception of the project, preparing the necessary elements (pre-production), to the shoot proper (production), all the way to post production.

Take this workshop and delve into mysteries of moodboarding and storyboarding a shoot and start building a stronger portfolio book.

APRIL 9-10 2017

$1000 – (Cash)

$1075 – (Card/Check)

For more information and reservations, visit www.ohsnaptheworkshop.com


Workshop Dates

Get the chance to Photograph America’s Next Top Model Mame Adjei for your Portfolio

Workshop Hours:

Workshop Venues:
For the Stars Fashion House- 7558 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046























What you’ll take away after the workshop?
-A pdf booklet/sourcebook that outlines key points from the workshop (a highly valuable go-to resource after the program ends)
-The desire to expand and challenge yourself and your imagination on your journey to pursuing the mastery of your craft as an image-maker
-Fresh take on various modes and accomplishments of past and contemporary artists and designers on the field of fashion photography
-Numerous tips on how to spark your imagination and tools to open up your creative thinking
Who is this workshop for?
-Amateur and working photographers seeking to move to the next level
-Professionals wanting to maintain creative momentum
-Novices looking to use photography to further creative expression in fashion editorials
-Art history, design and other professional creatives
-Creative individuals wanting to spark their imagination especially in fashion and magazines


Private Workshops also available upon request.
Rates start at $850
Feel free to email: contact(at)graphicsmetropolis.com for schedules.